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Juan Pistolas was born in the midst of the world wide COVID pandemic in 2020. Being confined and quarantined, there wasn’t much to do but think, eat and drink! My wife and I decided it was time to get into shape so we enlisted a personal trainer who lived in our building, to assist us in our fitness goals.

During one of our sessions, our trainer mentioned that he  had a business idea that had stalled. It was a concept of 3oz shots of alcohol placed in a plastic shot glass with a peal off lid that would be packaged in a six pack. He tried to patent the idea but it was rejected because there were other items out there that were similar.

Shortly afterwards, my wife and I went on vacation to Puerto Vallarta, Mexico where we had a vacation home. I forget what the inspiration was. Maybe it was the sun setting over the Sierra Madre Mountains or the large Cruise Ships slowly pulling into port ( or maybe it was the quality Margherita that I just poured!)  but I came up with a unique twist on the shot idea. Instead of a peal off or pull tab container like BuzzBallz, I came up with a concept of putting premium tequila in a resealable, twist off lid in a shatterproof shot vessel that would come in a six pack. Having the ability to sip a premium tequila without having to down the whole thing was a game changer. These six packs are designed to go anywhere were it is inconvenient or frowned upon to bring a 750Ml glass bottle. Since they are shatterproof, they are ideal for the pool, beach, boating, tailgating. Because they are individual shots, they are easily brought into sporting or concert events!   Having had an operations background, I felt confident that I could turn his concept into a reality. I was already in the State of Jalisco, which is the birthplace of the Agave plant, so I immediately went searching for the production team and the Distillery that would make the perfect Tequila. I came across a distillery that uses only 100% blue variety Agave, which takes 7 to 9 years to mature. The plants feed on natural rainwater and are baked in an artisan masonry oven. The distillation process uses stainless steel stills and copper reactors to make the taste second to none.

Juan Pistolas Six Pack 600 ML Double shots

Soon I had everything I needed except a name! While in our condo, with an exquisite Poloma in my hand, I sat down to relax and watch TV.  A 1966 Mexican Western came was playing. The title was “Juan Pistolas” and it perfectly captured the feel and look of my concept. I  instantly had the perfect name and the concept was complete!!!

Juan Pistolas is currently importing its Six Pack in New Jersey and Pennsylvania. In 2024 we are adding a complimentary 750 ML pistol bottle of Premium Blanco, Reposado and Anejo  for those who would like to enjoy our fabulous tequila at home. We plan to be in 6 new markets by the end of 2024. Please check out our retailers tab for a supplier near you.

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